Wednesday, August 10, 2011


As the name implies, Denim Revival (formerly Denim Doctors) is here to fix whatever ails your denim. We can do anything you want to your jeans: hem it, rip it up, age it or de-age it... As you're getting your denim doctored, you will get an education in vintage denim.
In 2006 Sean Hornbeck (previous owner of Denim Doctor) rename the business to Denim Revival.
Today Denim Revival is considered one of the most prestigious tailor shops in United States. The company has clients all over the World.
Denim Revival have a big recognition within the professional apparel industry as well as many celebrities. Some of their clients include clothing companies, photographers, movie stars, models, movie studios, musicians and many more.
Denim Revival owner Anahit Anny Adamyan more than 10 years is considered most knowledgeable denim professionals in the industry and their mission is to find new solutions in denim alteration and design.
Anny's love of tailoring and repairing denim makes her close attention to detail so important and to please each customer that walks into the door.

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